Counselling and Coaching

About Counselling and Coaching 

My usual approach to counselling and coaching is person-centred.  This approach puts the needs of the client at the forefront of the counselling or coaching sessions.   If after a taster session we agree to work together, we will normally begin with a series of six sessions, each lasting 50 minutes.  At the end of the six sessions we will review the progress we have made and either continue with further sessions or end the counselling or coaching process at that point.  Each session will be focused on you as the client.  You will be free to talk about whatever you choose.  You will set the agenda and we will work at your pace and in the direction you choose to take.

In the counselling or coaching sessions you will have the space and time to explore the issues that are concerning you at present.  Counselling or coaching can be seen as a journey of self discovery.  The counsellor  joins you on this journey, for a time, to enable you to discover for yourself the resources you already have within you. The discovery of your own resources will help you not only to deal effectively with your current issues but will also help you to deal with problems which may come along in the future. 

The length of time you spend in counselling or coaching will be entirely your choice and will depend on the issues you bring to the sessions and what you want to achieve.  Some issues and goals can be dealt with on a short-term basis.  Other issues may take more time and may need a greater depth of exploration.  

The choices are yours - the whole process is centred on your needs.  The sessions are confidential and I will do my best to help you deal with your issues and reach your desired goals. 

I also use the techniques of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy  in counselling and coaching and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy approach in counselling where these would be beneficial for you.

I am able to accept clients who refer themselves for counselling or who are referred by others. Coaching clients refer themselves.